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North Korea’s iconic mass games are back! For the first time since 2015, the elaborately organised displays of the Arirang Festival will be open for the world to witness, complete with a national holiday commemorating 70 years of North Korea. This unique tour package covers both of these spectacular events, offering a high profile opportunity to visit the country during an exciting time!

No question about it, this is one of our biggest tours of 2018 and we have it available for you at a bargain price! It is time to attend the largest organised performance in the world!



8th September (sat)



  • Meet the guides at 8:00am inside the Dandong Railway Station to collect your train tickets, North Korea visa and head through the Chinese exit customs!
  • All aboard the train, heading across to Sinuiju!
  • 10.25 arrival at Sinuiju (forwards one hour time zone) to commence the DPRK customs and immigration procedure. This will take a couple of hours.
  • The train will move on towards Pyongyang afterwards, enjoy the scenes of the North Korean countryside and a glimpse at rural life.




  • Head to the train's restaurant cart if you're hungry to purchase lunch!
  • The train will arrive at Pyongyang at around 6.25pm, here we will meet our guides on the platform. After packing our luggage on the bus, we'll go on a quick view of sites around Pyongyang, including a brief stop at Kim Il-Sung Square. Afterwards, we'll head to check in at the Chongnyon Hotel, where we will have dinner and then relax at some of the facilities in the evening!


9th September (Sunday)– Grand National Day Celebrations!




  • Today is grand national day. It commemorates the anniversary of the establishment of the North Korean state. Today is a particularly special year for such as it now amounts to 70 years.
  • First we'll head to the Mansudae Fountain Park, a beautiful park where Mosaic pictures of the leaders have been constructed. Enjoy the cooling fountains in the Autumn Air.
  • From here we'll move upwards to the Mansudae Grand Hill Monument – the well known two large statues of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong which sit above the city on its highest point. Guests are welcome to purchase flowers if they wish (for two euros). As it is a national today, we anticipate it to be busy. Tourists must be reverend and dignified at all times at this site.
  • Once we're done with the statues it is time to see the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, giving North Korea's asymmetrical story of the conflict. The charismatic guide will take us around, showing us real captured American equipment, as well as a gigantic room painted panorama of the battle of Daejon.
  • In the museum also stands the USS Pueblo – A US Naval Ship captured in 1968, all aboard to see it!




  • It's time for lunch! We'll be having the famous Pyongyang Raengmyeon (cold noodles) as idealized at the Moon-Kim summit, if you don't fancy that you can try a popular Korean Bibimbap dish instead. Both tasty
  • You'll get the chance to stop by a local bookstore for foreigners. Here you can buy books, pins, DVDS, newspapers and many other unusual North Korean publications to take home! Gifts galore!
  • We'll head for a walk to Kim Il-Sung Square after this...
  • And here... the big moment. We'll be attending the military parade. Seen on depictions of North Korea all over the world, it's the big moment, don't miss out!
  • After the parade we'll be taking a trip to Juche Tower- a stone column tower celebrating the Juche Ideology of North Korea. The expert guide will help explain what it means and for a fee, you can go and visit the top!
  • Next up, the Pyongyang Metro! We'll be taking six stops on this unique underground system, deeper in the world than any other. See the new trains and the old ones (based on an east German design) commute with ordinary North Korean people.
  • We'll be getting off The Arch of Triumph- The largest Victory Arch on the planet, bigger than that of Paris! it celebrates the victory over the Japanese in 1945 and the return of the Kim Il Sung to Pyongyang.
  • Mass Dance! join local university students in a famous North Korean mass dance to celebrate the national day!
  • After an exhausting time dancing, we'll head to the Mansugyo Beer Bar to chill for a bit– a great choice of alcoholic, drinks, teas, coffees, soft drinks and juices to choose from here!
  • Finally, just before the main event- we'll head to another local restaurant for dinner, but don't get too comfy!
  • Watch the Mass Games – The world’s largest organised performance is here for you to see (tickets may incur an additional cost, but is it worth it? without a doubt!
  • The games end with a firework display at Kim Il-Sung square, amazing!
  • Go to Kim Il Sung Square to watch the fireworks with the locals!
  • Back to the hotel


10th September (Monday)



  • Early start as we travel towards the DMZ and Panmunjom adjacent to South Korea! It's a unique time to visit as tensions are thawing, there is an atmosphere of reconciliation and opportunity building
  • We'll get to Panmunjom and first look at the local gift shop before being given a briefing of the area by a real officer in the Korean People's Army.
  • He'll then join us on the bus as we head through to the site of the Korean War Armistice, where negotiations were held to freeze the Korean War in 1953. View the original document!
  • After this, we'll move on the Joint Security Area, with North Korean soldiers stand off against South Korean ones. Get a unique photo opportunity here!




  • After the DMZ, it's time for lunch! We'll be heading to the Thongil Restaurant in Kaesong city to enjoy a traditional meal. Purchase real dog soup as an extra (5 euros) if you're tempted enough...
  • After lunch we'll then visit Kaesong's historical Koryo Museum, a UNESCO approved world heritage site which was once a centre of learning and education at the heart of the Koryo Dynasty in the 9th century, with Kaesong its capital. Look around the museum's collection of artifacts depicting ancient life in Korea. We'll then stop by the Korea stamp shop on the way out!
  • We'll then take the bus up to Sariwon, in Hwanghae province. Sariwon is another historical city in Korea with a unique "folklore street" depicting the national history of the country. Take a relaxing work up the hill and gaze upon the beautiful scenery. A local elderly couple will treat us to the area's famous fizzy rice wine, low alcohol and incredible taste! Dress up in traditional Korean clothing too!
  • After this, it's back on the bus to Pyongyang. We'll be doing a spot of shopping in a local department store, the Kwanbok department store, where all the goods are locally made! Exchange your money into local North Korean currency to spend it!
  • After the store it's time for dinner. We'll be treating ourselves to delicious Korean BBQ and enjoy a special performance by the waitresses.
  • Back to the hotel to relax for the day!


September 11th (Tuesday)


  • Early start as we check out of the hotel and make our way back to the train station, grab some last photo opportunities on the way.
  • We'll be boarding the 10:25am train to Dandong. It will be time to say goodbye to our guides!




  • Optional lunch is available on the train restaurant carriage (50RMB extra)
  • 4:30pm arrival in Dandong
  • Here we part ways! We hope you will have enjoyed the experience!
  • All accommodation
  • All meals in the DPRK
  • All guides
  • All main sites
  • Your Chinese double entry visa (this is your responsibility)
  • Your DPRK visa- 50 euros
  • Any optional spending
  • Tips
  • Mass Games Tickets (to be confirmed)

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