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New year’s celebration and Christmas may be over, but the fun of 2019 is just beginning. Kick off your new year with an adventure into the unknown, a test of your resolve and satisfaction of your curiousity. A better world awaits from your interactions. Our Winter Delegation Tour is designed carefully to put a light on this cold month by offering you a high quality, insightful and enriching experience in North Korea! Angled at helping you greater understand the country and placing emphasis on engagement, the tour promises a fun, educational and worthwhile experience; all, most importantly, at a budget price!


We aren’t compromising on quality here. We will be visiting all the classic, must see, sites of Pyongyang. From the Bronze Statues of the Mansudae Grand Hill Monument, to the soaring Juche Tower, to the incredible story and display of the Victorious Liberation War Museum, the retro nostalgia of the Pyongyang Metro and many more. We’ll be meeting students at the Grand People’s Study House and being treat to a fantastic performance by local schoolchildren at the Mangyongdae Children’s Palace!


We’ll also be placing an emphasis on history too. Not only we will be travelling down to the DMZ border with South Korea and Panmunjom village, where US and North Korean soldiers stand off, but we’ll be exploring the ancient city of Kaesong and visiting its reknowned Koryo Museum, once a school of learning and examinations in the ancient dynasty of the same name. We’ll get to dig deeper into national history further with a trip up to Sariwon, where the open air museum of People’s Folklore Street illustrates the story of the peninsula.


We can assure you that the Winter Delegation tour has it all. Maximum experience, minimum price. History, politics, culture and the fantastic aurora of lighting up one’s january! Come join us for this bargain experience!


January 8th


  • Meet your guide at 8:00am inside the entrance of the Dandong Railway Station to collect your train tickets, North Korean visa and head through Chinese exit customs!
  • All Board the 9:25am train from Dandong. We'll head over the river towards Sinuiju where we'll go through DPRK entry procedure.
  • After this is done, the train will head onwards to Pyongyang. Enjoy the incredible and humbling scenes of the North Korean countryside along the way.


  • Whilst travelling, you can buy optional lunch on the train (50RMB extra)
  • 6:45pm arrival in Pyongyang where we will meet our guides on the platform
  • We'll open our stay with a brief driving city tour of Pyongyang, including us stopping at Kim Il Sung Square for a walk and pictures
  • Check in to the Sosan Hotel and dinner.


January 9th



  • After breakfast, we'll start the day by walking through the peaceful Mansudae fountain park, where there are mosaic pictures of President Kim Il Sung and the leader Kim Jong Il.
  • We'll go up from the park towards the nearby Mansudae Grand Hill Monument – the two iconic bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il overlooking the city
  • Afterwards it's time for the Grand People’s Study House – The largest library in North Korea! This immense building is built in traditional Korean style- check out their inventory of foreign language books and collection of "western music!"
  • Foreign Language Bookshop- with a large selection of books in English and other European Languages as well as other souvenirs followed by a short walk to:
  • Kim Il Sung Square- the central square of Pyongyang city and the place where all the action happens.


  • Lunch in the KITC Original Restaurant to try delicious Pyongyang Cold Noodles (Naengmyeon) or a traditional Korean Bibimbap dish!
  • Pyongyang Metro- we will ride 5 stops on this famous retro Underground!
  • We'll get off the metro at the Arch of Triumph- similar to the one in France, only bigger. The Arch celebrates North Korea's struggle against Japanese rule.
  • Next we'll head to Juche tower, an iconic stone column celebrating the country's national "Juche" ideology- head to the top and see a magnificent panorama of all Pyongyang!
  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum- Let the expert local guide show you around this museum which outlines North Korea's "interpretation" of the 1950-1953 conflict. It features dioramas, locally used weapons, tanks etc, and captured US equipment!
  • All board the USS Pueblo- Outside the museum sits the only US Naval Ship still held captive by another nation. Check out the cabins, the spying equipment and the bullet holes where US and North Korean sailors clashed in 1968!
  • Worker's Party Monument- Built in 1995, this famous hammer, sickle and calligraphy brush sculpture commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Korean worker’s party.
  • We'll be having dinner at the national restaurant, where we'll be treat to a beautiful singing and dancing performance by the local waitresses.
  • Head back to the hotel


January 10th



  • Up and early for our long trip to the DMZ. Board the bus at 8am for the journey to the border between North and South Korea, now at one of the least tense moments in its history.
  • We'll be stopping at Panmunjom village. Check out the cool gift shop where real, hand painted, North Korea propaganda posters are being sold! (20 Euros).
  • A North Korean officer will then accompany us into the village. See the site where the original armistice to end the war was signed in 1953, with the document itself still present.
  • Next, we will move onto the joint security area, where North and South soldiers stand off against each other separated only by a row of bricks. See here the site of the historic summit between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in earlier this year. You can even take selfies with the North Korean soldiers present!


  • After the village, it's time to stop by for lunch in the historic city of Kaesong. We will be dining at the Tongil restaurant, where we will be treated with a traditional meal. Dog Soup is available as an option for 5 Euros!
  • After a filling lunch, we will then head to the open air Koryo Museum. Set in an ancient school of learning, the museum, a UNESCO approved world heritage site, reflects on life  in the Koryo dynasty, which ruled Korea from the 9th-13th centuries. See collections of artifacts and depictions of ancient leaders.
  • After the museum, we will drive up to Sariwon in Hwanghae province, another classical city with beautiful views. We will see the People's Folklore street, which also sets out the history of Korea throughout the ages. Warm up in the cold by climbing up the adjacent hill and grabbing a magnificent view of the wider area. Try out the really tasty "Makkoli" fizzy white wine too, courtesy of locals.
  • After Sariwon, we will drive back to Pyongyang. On arrival, we will attend the Mangyongdae Children's Theatre, where we will be audience to an exceptionally talented performance from local schoolchildren.
  • We'll then round off the night by tucking into a delicious Korean BBQ meal! Afterwards, we'll head to a local bar to round off our trip with drinks and banter!


January 11th


  • It's time to gather our stuff and check out of the hotel. We'll be arriving at Pyongyang station to board the 10:25am train to Dandong


  • 5:00pm evening arrival in Dandong
  • Here our Tour finishes – Happy new year everybody and all the best for 2019!
  • Trains Dandong/Pyongyang
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  • Your North Korean visa
  • Chinese visa
  • Any optional spending in the DPRK
  • Any tips

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