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Founding of the DPRK Tour

On September 9th, 1948, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was officially proclaimed as a state. Three years earlier, the peninsula had been divided setting the stage for a cold war confrontation between two rival governments. Nevertheless, 72 years later the legacy of that division continues to exist. Our spectacular and high quality Founding of the DPRK tour allows you to take a premium insight into the world’s most mysterious country during the day of … » Learn More about Founding of the DPRK Tour

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The Politics of the DPRK Tour

Have you ever sought to discover beyond the hysteria and misconceptions of everyday media? Do you wish to learn about North Korea? Your time has come. This July you are invited to join Visit North Korea in our Political Insights Tour, an academic and analysis focused program which focuses on grasping an understanding of North Korea’s political system, the principles of the Juche Ideology, as well as the historical relationship between China and North Korea. … » Learn More about The Politics of the DPRK Tour

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May Day Delegation

In the world of socialism, May 1st is known as the “International Workers’ Day“, “Labour Day” or “May Day”. The event, dating back to 1886, serves as a celebration of international working class solidarity. The day is celebrated worldwide, not least including North Korea. Thus, our May Day Delegation gives you the opportunity to visit the country during this special occasion and discover the role it plays in North Korea’s collectivist culture.   Our premium quality … » Learn More about May Day Delegation

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Kim Il Sung Anniversary Tour

Kim Il-Sung is the founder of North Korea, ruling from the establishment of the state in 1945 up to his death in 1994. In DPRK politics, his life and legacy have been immortalized to an extent seen nowhere else on Earth. He is as the country’s constitution terms it the DPRK’s “eternal president”. The anniversary of his birth, April 15th, 1912 (the day the titanic sank) is consequentially a national holiday in the country, titled … » Learn More about Kim Il Sung Anniversary Tour

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Study in North Korea 2020: Kim Chol Ju University Study Program

Ever wanted to Study in North Korea? Following two years of having hosted study programs in North Korea, we are happy to announce we are back for a 3rd round in 2020. Once again, we are offering you an incredible chance to undertake a month long course at a real DPRK academic institution. This year’s program is dated July 10th-August 9th.   For those seeing this for the first time, the Kim Chol Ju University … » Learn More about Study in North Korea 2020: Kim Chol Ju University Study Program

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